I had started singing in my childhood. I always liked singing and I could not imagine myself in the future as anyone but vocalist. Once finished the school's 8-th grade I went to the Soviet Army where I played the French Horn in the Army brass band. At the same time I attended the night school. After one year in the Army orchestra I had realized that army is not good for me and went to The Sudio of Pop Arts at Sverdlivsk State Philharmony. Once I had graduated from the Studio I worked in The State Russian Urals People's Chorus.  When I graduated from the night school I was called out for service in the Soviet Army. I got in the Song and Dance Ensemble of the Urals Military District, and after some time I had become a leading singer of it. After demobilization I came to Moscow entered The Moscow Regional Philharmony, and worked in different pop groups: 'Fantasy', 'Blue Guitars', 'Metronome', Stas Namin's Band.

At that times, working on the scene, I always realized that I can do more that I was requested to do in the bands. But is is very difficult to escape from the habitual pace of living and change your life. The extreme situation had helped me. In 1986 after a traffic accident I was lying up in gypsum for three months, - I had a lot of time to think over my life and to make a decision. Then I realized: I should work alone. But can I? What should I do for this? Which songs to sing? Those were the questions I asked myself at that times.  And I started to answer them. Jurmala gave me the last answer. It was The Third All-Soviet Union Pop Young Vocalists Awards 'Jurmala-88'. It was my last chance to participate this competition as I was almost 30, after which I could not run the Awards. And there was no any other young vocalists awards in the Soviet Union which whould be so prestigious, widely translated by TV and given coverege to in media.

Just before the competition I had got the lyrics by Mikhail Guskov 'Bullfight'. There was no music yet, but I already imagined the song - expressive and dramatic. And while Elena Vanina was composing the music for it, the only thing I asked her for was to include a slow pace part - a confession of the pained bull, no, rather the man, who is unfairly condemned on public. Besides the Grand Prix in Jurmala I was awarded with thw special prize of The Soviet Committee for the Peace 'Crystal cup' - 'The Song for the Peace'.  By this win I had started the new stage of my career.

Even before Jurmala I participated in 'Rock-Panorama-87' and during the Stas Namin's Band USA tour I was noticed by american vocalist and musician David Pomeranz who suggested to record an album together. He took instrumental recordings to Moscow with him. In 'Melodia' studio we had recorded my voice, and the work was finished in Los-Angeles. So the Soviet-American album 'Faraway Lands' had been issued in America.

After Jurmala I appeared with 'Professor' band. But actually the fist really serious individual work was 'Alexander Malinin's Ball' show in 1990 in 'Olympiysky' sports and concert complex. During 20 days the show was attended by 360 thousand people which was the all-time record for such events at that time. Since then the Balls became a tradition and were held on the most prestigious music venues in Moscow city. Thus far we have held a lot of such events: 'Easter Ball of My Soul', 'Alexander Malinin's Chistmas Ball', 'The Nineth Ball', 'Riversides of My Life' ball and others. These concerts was recorded and was shown by different TV channels in Russia and abroad.

In 2003 I for the first time sang classic romances in the Great Hall of Moscow State Conservatorie. The programme was sold out for every performance twice a year. I sang not only old Russian romaces but aries from famous operas of P.Chaikovsky, A. Borodin as well. My dream - to work with classical repertoir - had become true: symphony orchestra, conductor, male chorus. Wonderfull!

In the same year I had graduated from State Music Teachers Institute named after M.M.Ippolitov-Ivanov. Now I officially can be a music teacher as I  have 'Academic vocal teacher' diploma. This has essential meaning for me as I have a plan to found my own school of Russian romance. It is not easy to teach romance though. Vocal technic is the only thing one can learn. To sing a romance is like to tell 'I love you':- every one tells these words at least once in his or her life, but each time they are different, intonations and meanings differ.

As any artist I like experiments. That's why I can not say what my new programmes will look like. I don't know where my fantazy will lead me to.

Dates and events

1988 г. - Grand Prix in the Third All-Soviet Union young pop artists award 'Jurmala-88'.

1989 г.  - Lenin's Komsomol award laureate, it was the last award of this kind in the USSR. All the money were transferred to Patriachate Fund for churches restoration

1991 г. - Instated as Honoured Artist of the Russian Federation

1994 г. - Won the international prize in 'The World Music Awards' in Monte Carlo, Monaco, as a Russian singer who has the lagrest albums sales in his country. It was very pleasant to get in the star company of Whitney Houston, Claudia Shiffer who presented the award to me. The atmosphere in Monte Carlo really impresses:- among the princes and distinguished guests. At the same time I was proud to present Russia in this international event.

1998 г. - awarded the Arts Prize of Ministry of Home Affairs, and later, in 2002 г. — '200-th anniversary of Ministry of Home Affairs of Russia' medal.

1999 г. - opening of personal star memorial on 'Star Square' in front of 'Rossia' Concert Hall.

2002 and 2010 - All-Ukraine Higher Academic Council of National Programme 'Man of the year' had awarded the special international prize 'Man of the year' in Arts.

2003 г. - decorated with a Friendship Order

2004 г. - Instated as People's Artist of Ukraine.

2006 г. - awarded by Russian Orthodox Church

2008 г. - decorated with Honour Order

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